Thursday, July 15, 2010

UG - Space Physics for Android

Space Physics by Camel Games for Android is a great puzzle game. I used to be a big fan of The Incredible Machine and had been looking for something similar on Android and this is the closest I have found. The premise of the game is to get the ball to hit the star. You do this by drawing lines, wheels, swirly crap that was your attempt at a wheel, some sort of bike that works by drawing two wheels and a connecting line, pivot points, joints, etc. It is sort of like finger painting with a purpose. I love this game and find myself playing a level or two whenever I get a chance. It is a great bathroom time killer, just make sure your fingers are clean.

The lite version has 11 levels and the full version has 80 levels. You will find all sorts of people saying the game is too challenging or too easy, but whatever it is fun and there are multiple ways to win a challenge, including just drawing lines as fast you can in an attempt to move a block.

The game only costs $2.99 and I think it is well worth it.


Note: Using HTC Evo


  1. Maybe it's the bigger screen of the EVO but sometimes I have a frustrating time trying to make gears on lines on my Samsung Moment. Otherwise, it is a pretty entertaining game! I create swinging hammers every chance I get...

  2. Maybe you need a nice warm glass of "shut the hell up".

  3. Who knew that a status light would be considered a feature? I guess when you have phone that doesn't have one...