Friday, July 16, 2010

pg - Handcent SMS for Android

If you're looking for an alternative to the standard Android SMS application then this is it. Handcent SMS has customizable vibrate patterns, notification icons, themes, etc down to a per-contact level. Want lame iPhone looking bubble chat? Done. Want normal looking chat? Done. Want a widget that looks like an icon on your home screen that shows how many unread messages you have? Done.

With all its awesomeness-glory, Handcent SMS isn't without its flaws. Don't want advertisements? Sorry. They're in there, but at least they aren't in-your-face. Also, if you happen to be a Samsung Moment user then you "might" experience intermittent reboots whenever you recieve a new SMS message. The fix is to launch Handcent SMS as SOON as it boots back up and mark those messages as "read" or you'll be stuck in a reboot/loop nightmare. This problem seems to be fixed and re-appear with every other application update. Oh well. For now, I'm back to Google Voice SMS chat. Which, coincidentally crashes occasionally, too, but it doesn't take my entire phone down with it...

(9/10) [ when I have a version that doesn't cause reboots ]
(2/10) [ when I have a version that causes reboots ]

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  1. You should just tell your mom to not text message you so often.