Thursday, July 8, 2010

pg - Red Dead Redemption

After a long day of drinking 4 manly beers of differing geographic locations(diverse), I decided to give Red Dead Redemption a rental spin.

Here's my initial take:
  1. There's a lot of desert.
  2. There's a lot of horse riding.
  3. Shooting someone leads to my imminent death.
  4. I like the mini-stories that involve going to a remote location and looking at a spot of blood on the ground.
  5. Shooting the train conductor and jumping off the train and down a cliff is a mortally bad idea.
  6. Riding the horse into the middle of a hanging can lead to your death.
  7. Whenever I try to take cover, I end up taking cover on the side of the boulder instead of behind it. Death ensues.
  8. Inverted camera is the only real way to play.
  9. I'm amazed that this cowboy either has GPS or an amazing sense of direction.
  10. Skinning an animal isn't nearly as violent or cool as other reviews made it out to be. I was expecting something wicked cruel - like something Hannibal Lector might do.
Besides being set in the "Old West", I don't think there's anything new here that GTA IV didn't already offer. Just a different theme. Maybe I should play GTA IV so that I could give a better take on this. Oh well.

I wish I had a chance to play co-op or multi-player, but I didn't. Maybe it's worth it just for that. The concept of a lone vigilante is cool. Westerns have never really been my thing.



  1. Did you describe the beers as manly to make yourself feel better for getting drunk on 4 beers over a time span of six hours?

  2. I walked a straight line - hence - sober. Disregard the fact that I got woozy the next day and had to take a nap.