Friday, July 16, 2010

UG - Apple's press conference about iPhone 4 antenna UPDATE: More whining

Apple held a press conference today to discuss the recent news reports that they have a bad antenna design. My guess is that the Consumer Reports article really made this happen since that is a publication that is read by millions, including non-geeks. I think if it had stayed to the tech blogs where really only geeks visit and not your regular user, they never would have held it.

Wow, Apple started off their press conference by trying to drag other phone makers down with them. Instead of just getting to it, they are like wait, we have to show some other crap about our competitors, go yell at them too. I have an HTC Evo and I wasn't able to make my bars change depending on where my hand was. The most I saw was one bar go up or down, but that is all. I tried holding it every which way. I felt like Mr. Jobs put me back in elementary school when I would use the excuse that Jimmie was also doing it when I got busted shooting spitballs.

Then trying to go into AppleCare stats about who calls, that isn't a good a data point. There are lots of users that never call in to support centers and yes you can blame the user for this, but don't try to use that as representation of actual issues. The iPhone has always had dropped calls and it could be AT&T or Apple's fault. I have friends where I live that I ask about AT&T coverage and they will say its great and that they know exactly where they will drop a call... I'm sorry, but that isn't good coverage. I live in a large metro area and I expect coverage. I think some people who don't read forums or tech blogs, probably had no idea this was being reported and I bet most users were either previous iPhone users who dealt with dropped calls or they were new users who had friends that already warned them about it. If you get a product and you expect it to have some issues, you aren't going to call into support over it. Apple makes a great product in the sense of it being a PDA, I just think the phone part is weak and users are willing to accept that.

I am not trying to bash Apple or be a fanboy of Android or Blackberry or Windows mobile because I do believe that each product is good for certain people. I love when my non-tech family and friends buy Apple products because I feel less things go wrong with them and Apple support is normally outstanding so this leads to my family and friends calling me less for help. My comparison of these things is normally between Android and Apple. Android is like you being able to take your car on the interstate and drive anywhere you want to, as fast as you want, as slow as you want, take any breaks, take any exits, etc. Apple is like a train. You get on the train and it takes you to where it is going. It is an enjoyable ride and you can buy a magazine or game (approved ones of course) along the way, but in the end you are on the train, on their tracks, at their speed, offered only what they want to offer you, and are making their stops.

I applaud Apple for giving a free case to users and I am happy with the precedent it hopefully sets for other hardware makers. If you make a product that has a proven fault that affects users, fix it. However don't be little whiny bitches about it and just get to the freaking point in your press announcement.

Update: Wow, so Apple just couldn't let it go. They have since released two videos of a supposed "death grip" affecting other phones. Seriously, this has gone beyond whining into a full on temper tantrum. Sweet Jesus, just let the thing drop. One problem with these videos, is that the iPhone actually dropped bars by just touching the corner of the phone, no "death grip" needed. Let the damn antennagate die. I don't see the point to all this. Apple is selling millions of iPhones, they are giving away free bumpers or refunds, that seems good enough. In the name of all that is holy, just let this issue sleep.

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  1. Sounds a little like the Wii and the free rubberized covers for Wii-motes after plenty of kids were throwing them into TV's and destroying them.

    It's not a problem until there is a problem, right?

    I'm sure they knew it was a problem from the get-go, but no one in this capitalistic economy that bases everything on earnings for the quarter cares. Unless the risk they evaluated comes to fruition and there are possible monetary losses, then they care...