Friday, July 30, 2010

pg - Google Talk Follows You!

Here's a fun fact about Google Talk. It follows you! ... Just like a creepy stalker!

Seriously, though, try this out. Sign in to Google Talk on your Android phone and start chatting with someone. Then sign in to Google Talk from your computer and continue talking with them. You'll notice that Google will stop sending responses to your phone and send them only to your most recent Google Talk session. Kind of cool. It definitely saves you from receiving tons of notification alerts on your phone.

p0w BitchZ I'm out!


  1. Hey, here is another fun fact - the Google Talk client on a Windows XP box can eat up 50% of your CPU and even freeze while you are typing a message. Pretty freaking sweet.

  2. Maybe they spawn an entirely new process for every single chat message... *cough* *Chrome* *cough*