Thursday, July 8, 2010

UG - Assassin's Creed II

What better way to write your first post then to review a game over eight months old.

Ever want to be an assassin?? Ever want to be an assassin who looks like he could be part of new kids on the block?? Did you play AC and enjoy it and think, damn I wish I could play that same game over again, but with a new character? Then this game is for you. Here is my spoiler alert on how the game goes. Track down someone, kill them, cut scene saying that you were wrong or you don't know the truth ... repeat.

Wait I forgot about the other cool missions. One of them involves a city that you try to rebuild. To do this, there is a chest that collects money as the city makes a profit and then you spend that money to rebuild the city. The awesome thing about this chest is that it can only hold a certain amount of money. What a magical chest? I would love to go buy a whole new entertainment system and have the cashier tell me it is free because their cash register is full.

It is also fun how they try to add a little RPG aspect to the game. Why the hell would I care that I can buy an outfit from a tailor? I mean do I need to get a new color of clothing or how about someone give me another cape. wtf... I did experience two issues with the game with those being freezes that require a reboot and getting stuck inside boxes while playing the game and having to restart the mission.

Besides all that, I actually had fun playing the game, mainly because the fighting is great, if not easy because I am not sure if you can die in a fight. It is great taking on 15 soldiers and killing them all without being hit once. I enjoy the ego boost.

San Dimas High School football rules! - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


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  1. My Assassin(Ezio) has green robes and has collected all the various pieces of armor. Can you say... Bad Ass?

    Btw, my town is totally built out. Does that mean I can tell the courtisanes what to do?