Thursday, July 8, 2010

UG - Joe Danger

This game is just good ole fashion family fun. I find it a great way to kill some time; however, I still find the game eating up large chunks of my time because I just keep trying to score more points. I have always enjoyed games with great gameplay that allowed me to play as long or as short as I wanted (someone please bring back Carmageddon) so this works well for that niche (except there isn't any killing in it). Granted the graphics are about as advanced as the Super Nintendo, but it doesn't matter in this game.

That covers the basic gameplay, but I can't comment on the rest of the game because I don't care.
Track creation: Well here is a feature I will never use. I prefer to spend my time actually playing a game and not doing the work the developer was/is supposed to be doing.
Multiplayer: This is local only so I haven't had a chance to play because all my friends are online and my dog sucks at video games.

Now I have go try to stay atop the leaderboard of my friends.

Hail to the king baby - Bruce Campbell


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