Friday, July 9, 2010

pg - Assassin's Creed II

Ever feel like stabbing someone in the face? Ever want to be a medieval version of Rico Suave? Want to play an action game that feels like it's becoming an RPG? Want to cut off your ring finger? No? Well, in Assasin's Creed II you can do all these things AND keep your ring fingers!

AC2 is exactly like AC1 except you can now distract guards with courtesanes(hookers), thieves, and money. Yes, you now have money and you can choose to use it... or not. You can totally deck yourself out with armor and boost your health or you can play through the game without this perk. It really is kind of useless because you can also purchase healing potions(rpg?) but you can look totally bad ass like my character decked to the hilt with armor and some sweet green robes. That's right. I said green robes. You can dye  your clothing. I'm still trying to figure out the benefit of this since it costs money. I thought, maybe, like GTA if you paint your car your warning level goes down that maybe if you dye your robes your alert level would go down. Nope. Purely cosmetic. I think they're trying to appeal to chicks and RPG gamers. I prefer to think of my self as an RPG gamer but by no means a LARPer. I can buy art too. I can buy maps of all the hidden treasure -- doesn't this negate the need for purchasing a guide book? Hit all the vantage view points, buy the treasure maps, and now I fail to see the need to buy a book. Yes, there are still a boatload of vantage view points.

This time around, I find myself skipping all the side quests that I felt like I already played in the first AC. Which, is probably 80% of the game.  My town is totally built out. Yes, you have a town. If this doesn't make sense to you, then I assure you -- it doesn't make sense to me.

You can now swim, and cities now have country-sides you can explore. Either way, the game still feels exactly like AC1. Yet.... I'm still drawn to playing this game. I can't help it. I love jumping and running from rooftop to rooftop and stabbing people. I can't put the damn controller down.

"O'Doyle Rules!" - Billy Madison



  1. You like it because it is easy to when fights when all you do is counter.

  2. Also, maybe the clothing changes play to the gay side of the crowd. I mean you are doing it :)

  3. It's a "little" harder. Now you HAVE to dodge sometimes... and you do know when based on the type of character you're fighting. But yes, I do like a game I can beat without getting frustrated. :D

  4. UG said...
    "Also, maybe the clothing changes play to the gay side of the crowd. I mean you are doing it :)"

    I'm doing yer mom.