Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UG - Mass Effect 2 Review

I will admit it from the start that I am not a fan of RPG and really my tastes stick to FPS, sports, and action games. I had a friend recently that visited and introduced me to Mass Effect 2 to see if maybe I could be converted to at least appreciate RPG style games. After playing it for a bit, I have to say, this game sucks. Here is what I got out of the game:
  •  My character, among others, talk like a computer similar to something from xtranormal.com
  •  I have glowing scars so whatever they fixed me up with is probably running down a battery that must be in me somewhere
  •  The conversation is choose your own adventure style where the character actually doesn't say what I tell him to say
  •  The cut scenes are long no matter how fast I push the buttons; I'm here to play a game, not watch a movie (didn't anybody learn anything from the last Metal Gear Solid)
  •  I still don't like RPGs
Thanks, but no thanks, I will stick with good games.


  1. Does it help that the scars worsen with the more "renegade" options you take and disappear with the more "paragon" options? The "answers" you choose are more like an abbreviation of what you want to say. And how could you not like the "alien love" brought possible by the romance sequences ( I keed!... I keed! ). What about the hacking - don't you like memory games? :D

  2. That is a good point. I do wish hacking computers in the real world was just a game of memory. I loved that game as a kid.