Tuesday, October 5, 2010

pg - My Journey from PS3 to XBOX360; A Comparison

I'm tired of all these stupid exclusive games coming out that I couldn't play because all I have is a PS3. (I have a Wii, but that doesn't count. The Wii is more like a DS trapped inside a console with a wrist twirling wandy-thing for small children and creepy adults. Unless, you're bowling with friends - but then you have to drink beer to make it not seem so gay. )

I'll cut to the chase.

XBOX360: DVD. Big games like Mass Effect 2 require multiples. Changing out discs is a burden.
PS3: Blu-Ray. Big games like Mass Effect 2 require 1 disc. Thank god. I HATE changing out discs.
XBOX360's Saving Grace: Entire games can be copied to the hard drive reducing load time but unfortunately still requiring the disc to be in the drive in order to play due to piracy concerns.
Menu System
XBOX360: The main menu system seems big and bloated. I keep having to bypass it by hitting the XBOX Guide button on my controller to get to what I want.
PS3: The menu system is simple, direct, and clean. It's perfect.
XBOX360's Saving Grace: XBOX Guide button puts it on par with ease of use in comparison to the PS3 but still not as sleek.
XBOX360: The button placement is perfect. The weight and shape is perfect.
PS3: The analog sticks feel smoother and more responsive to me. On the XBOX360 the analog sticks feel like they almost have a variable resistance when I'm pushing on them and make it easy for me to accidentally "over-steer" for the lack of better words.
Message System
XBOX360: Easy to send voice or text messages to friends. Alerts are more noticeable.
PS3: Message system seems awkward and clunky.
Private Chat
XBOX360: Engage in "party" or private chat with friends without other gamers eaves dropping.
PS3: Use your phone because the PS3 doesn't have this feature. :(
On-line Presence
XBOX360: Queue demos for your XBOX360 on-line. Add friends to your XBOX360 on-line. Purchase credits on-line.
PS3: Add cash to your on-line wallet on-line. Look at your friends list. Doesn't do anything else. Okay, you can look at your achievements too, but so can the XBOX360 on-line presence.
Shopping On-line
XBOX360: Doesn't specify price in real currency($$), only in "credits." Yet, you have to buy credits with real currency($$) - st00pid. Minus - Many different apps for different purchases (Zune, Market, etc). Plus - much larger library of music, movies, etc.
PS3: Specifies prices in real currency($$)!! Plus - One application for all your game, demo, add-on, and movie needs. Minus - smaller library of products from no-name services.
XBOX360: Minus - requires XBOX Live for a streaming service I already pay subscription for; Netflix. Is this because of the "party" feature? Does a poor job detecting bandwidth and frequently re-adjusts in the middle of shows.
PS3: Minus - requires a disc instead of a download-able application. Does a very good job detecting streaming bandwidth.
Hard drive upgrades
XBOX360: Microsoft Certified hard drive upgrades only.
PS3: Any 5400/7200 RPM SATA drive.
Both: Support usb flash and hard drives.
XBOX360: Pay $60 a year for many services I don't use but better quality game hosting.
PS3: Free for possibly sub-par game hosting.
Voice chat/Headset
XBOX360: Big headset that does a great job silencing out background noise. Non-standard.
PS3: Works with any bluetooth headset. Quality depends on how much you are willing to spend. Warning: bluetooth operates on similar frequencies to that of 802.11b. I was bumped out of on-line games MANY times until I wired my console in to the network.

I don't have an effing clue which is better. They both have their pluses and minuses. I'll just get the exclusive games I want for whichever console they come out with. If a game is "big" then I'll get it on blu-ray so that I don't have to swap discs out. If it's a multiplayer game then I'll get it on whatever console the majority of my friends are getting it on. They're both excellent consoles built by egotistical and greedy capitalists.

UPDATE - Oct 5, 2010 1:20pm!

XBOX360: Updates are fast and a breeze.
PS3: If you were planning a night of gaming and a game update comes along you can expect a 15 minute delay. If a console update comes along you can expect to be pissed off because your entire night of gaming just went down the shitter.
Premium Services
XBOX360: Gold - Netflix, multiplayer/co-op, party chat features, etc.
PS3: PlayStation Plus. A useless service unless you buy a buttload of PSN games. You have to buy them ALL in order to notice the savings. Apparently, PlayStation Plus members also get auto-console updates. Does this even sound like a feature you should pay for? They create a HUGE inconvenience and then want you to pay for a fix?


  1. Nice comparison break down and spot on about the Wii. I do have an awesome video of some guy bowling on the Wii and he does look pretty gay. Maybe an update on your thoughts on noise since I know my original Xbox Elite was very loud and what about the updating process? I find Xbox updates for console and for games to be a much better experience. Also, don't forget that Sony is currently offering premium services for money and it is rumored that private chat might come over that. I agree on the disc size being a pain. For controllers, I find the Xbox to be much better with weight, triggers, and placement of the analog sticks.

  2. Sub-par game hosting??? Like the sub-par playset you bought your children?

  3. Good point on the triggers. I had to buy trigger attachments for my PS3 controllers to keep my fingers from slipping off. I even keep the chat-pad on my primary PS3 controller just because it adds weight.

    Playset? What children? I'm a single trendy male in my 20s with women falling over for me left and right... Goddamn, I'm awesome.