Tuesday, October 5, 2010

UG - Halo: Reach Review

I have played all the other Halo titles except for ODST. I have always enjoyed the series, but I haven't been a die hard fan. I find them to be fun, but that is about it. Well, the same friend that came to visit who brought some really dumb games, also brought this game. We played co-op and beat the game in a day and I had a blast doing it. The game is in line with the rest of the series for fun and entertainment. While the game is fun, there were a few issues that I think would be highlighted harder in other reviews if it weren't a Halo game that gets it a free pass. The fact that I can shoot a wall and there is no damage is pretty weak. If another game didn't have this graphic effect, it would get panned. My other complaint is the co-op isn't drop in or drop out like Gears of War made popular. That should be a standard feature for games like this. However, overall the game was a complete blast and I enjoyed playing all of it.

Spoiler: You die in the end :).

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  1. Maybe that's why they call you "6" the whole time. So that, when you die, your feelings aren't terribly hurt because you're just a number.

    Friendly fire definitely made the game more entertaining for me and much more aggravating for you. :D

    Your death by my mistake makes me laugh inside.