Friday, October 15, 2010

UG - Jonah Hex - All kinds of spoilers

Lets call this The Crow meets the old West. This movie wasn't bad considering I got it for free from Dish Network, but I am glad I didn't pay for it. I guess this was a comic book, but I didn't know of it. This guy fighting for the Confederate side does a good thing, but it requires going against orders so his regime turns on him. One guy kills Jonah's family while he watches, brands him, and leaves him for dead; however, he lives thanks to some Indians, but he was close to death and now he can touch dead people and they come alive and talk to him. He also apparently has crows that fly around and warn him before he gets shot from a distance or by someone hiding. The crows would be cool to have, except they fail miserably later in the movie and he gets jumped by the number 2 bad guy in the movie. Where the hell was the crow at that part?

It is also pretty sweet that a group of outlaws were capable of either building a ship or stealing it. However, the government has no clue how to find these guys, but I have to wonder how hard it should have been. Granted they were able to build a BFG, but I still think they should have been able to find a ship back in those days. Now, Jonah does have one kick ass super power, even though his face is all messed to high heaven, Megan Fox digs him and screws him all night long and wants to be with him. I sure as hell can't recommend this movie if you can't watch it for free, but if it costs nothing, it is better then watching another reality TV show, which mind you, no one should watch those programs.

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