Sunday, January 9, 2011

UG - iPhone on Verizon: Quick Thoughts

The blog sites and tech sites are running rampant with stories of the iPhone being announced for Verizon next week because Verizon is hosting a special event. Oddly enough, I wasn't invited, but I digress. You can go do a Google search to find all the articles and all the discussions about whether that is really being announced or not. I for one, don't buy it just yet because I can't imagine Steve Jobs stepping out of the spotlight for this announcement. Even if he is there, I still am surprised he didn't host it at Apple. But I am wondering if some other stories are showing that this could really be true. The past couple of days have also held stories about Verizon changing the time frame for new phones (20 months up from 12 months) and a 14 day return policy which is down from the original 30 day return policy. This makes me wonder if those are signs of an iPhone being released on Verizon. I believe that both companies are power hungry and love to throw their weight around. All you have to do to see that is go back to the time when the iPhone was first launched on AT&T and read the stories about how Verizon turned it down because they wouldn't meet Apple's demands. I can just picture these latest changes having to do with some strange demands from Apple. Who knows, I like to just throw things out there.

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  1. They're so vein. Android might not be dominating if the iPhone had been available on all the networks from the start... Just a hunch... But thank God, because I love my Android phone more than any iOS device...