Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Sure About Verizon's Rating System

I few months ago I came across a post about a pair of wired headphones from HTC that were tangle free and included a mic (RC-E190). They are more easily bought in the UK, but I keep checking around for a black pair in the U.S. and today I came across Verizon's store because they sell them as an accessory for HTC Rhyme. And no, I wasn't looking for them in purple or plum or whatever that color is, I wanted black and I thought Verizon might have different colors. However, the funny part to me is that Verizon shows the headphones as being rated as 5 stars based on 2 reviews, but when you look at the reviews each person only gave it 1 star. So somehow, Verizon's averaging algorithm has (1 star + 1star) / 2 = 5 stars. Just made me laugh today.

Link: Verizon site

Screen capture:

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