Thursday, August 12, 2010

pg - PlayStation Move Epiphany

"It's the SAME THING!!"

I just realized the PlayStation Move is the EXACT SAME CONCEPT as the Wii-motes. At first you think - "Oh.. motion control just like the Wii" - neat.

Consider this. The PS3 uses a camera to track a ball on your PS3 "wand". The Wii uses a camera to track the infrared light your Wii-mote emits. It's the SAME concept. The Wii one is actually done more elegantly. This is horrible! I bought my PS3 to get AWAY from the Wii. Now they're doing the same damn thing! EXACT SAME THING.

The PlayStation Move Navigation controller even looks the same as the Wii's. The control of both looks like it'd be nearly identical.

Here's an awesome link to the Onion about this thanks to my awesome fans and followers. Wii Video Games Blamed For Rise In Effeminate Violence. Thanks UG.


  1. And limp wristed gamers around the world unite...


  3. Great... now all the new motion controlled games "will be rated NP for Namby-Pamby."